ACE Program

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Cokv Kerretv Enhopoke “Educational Choice”

About: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Accessing Choices in Education Project enhances student and family educational choice by creating a Service Provider System that includes evidence-based, culturally responsive service options to improve Native American student academic outcomes. A variety of education options and services are offered, from which parents or students can choose. We look forward to providing additional support to students, families, and communities within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reservation.

  • American Indian/Alaska Native Student
  • Attending School and Residing in the Muscogee Nation Reservation Boundaries
  • Enrolled in Pre-K-12th Grade

Online Tutoring

K-12th Grade

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Online tutoring services will be provided to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students enrolled in public schools within the Muscogee Nation Reservation. Students in grades K – 12 have access to friendly tutors 24/7 (online and on-demand) and able to receive help in over 200 subject areas! Academic outcomes for each student will improve as they utilize the many resources with this service, including practice problems, drills, video lessons, and 1-to-1 instruction. Students are encouraged to attend each tutoring session. Students not attending at least one full session of tutoring per academic year may be placed on a waiting list for the subsequent year.

MCN Cultural Experience

Pre-K-12th Grade

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The MCN Cultural Experience is a virtual or in-person cultural experience for students in classrooms and communities. The ACE Cultural Academic Specialist utilizes Mvskoke artifacts and lesson plans to bring this cultural learning opportunity to life for students in grades Pre-K through 12th Grade. During each encounter, students will initiate a craft or project related to the lesson topic.

Cultural Labs

Pre-K-12th Grade

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Cultural Labs provides a learning experience centered on art experimentation. Students will gain insight into Mvskoke art through hands-on activities such as pottery, moccasin making, painting, creating cornhusk dolls, beading, etc. These labs culturally enrich students’ knowledge of Mvskoke people while also incorporating a variety of styles and methods of contemporary Mvskoke artists.

Field Trips

5th-12 Grade

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ACE Field Trips will be offered beginning in Spring of 2022 to grade 5th-12th. More information coming soon!

ACE Indigenous Readers Series Elementary

Pre-K – 5th Grade

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The ACE Indigenous Readers Series is a virtual event for students in grades Pre-K through 5th where educators, authors, and specials guests read stories ‘aloud’ to attendees. The topics of the stories focus on enhancing student’s understanding of the value of family and communities, native culture, determination, and resiliency. By hearing each story brought to life in a literary adventure, ACE hopes to foster a love for books and Indigenous authors. Following the activity, participating students will receive 2 free books plus a Literacy Kit to read, engage, and share with their families.

ACE Indigenous Readers Series Middle School

6th – 8th Grade

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The ACE Indigenous Readers Middle School Virtual Presentations are for students in 6th-8th grade. These presentations are an opportunity for educators, authors, and specials guests to read stories ‘aloud’ to attendees. The topics of the stories focus on enhancing student’s understanding of the value of family and communities, native culture, determination, and resiliency. Following the presentation and completion of the survey participating students will receive a Book Bundle including the Book read during the presentation and items to encourage literacy.

ACE Education Advisement

9th-12th Grade

Enrollment Opens October 3, 2022

Educational Advisement, also known as Academic Advising, gives guidance, support, and encouragement to students during their secondary education. Through this process, advisors can assist students with their academic and career goals by helping them prepare for college or their future careers. Activities will range from personalized goal-setting, individual student plans, FAFSA and scholarship applications, Summer Youth Employment Program applications, ACT test prep workshops, nominations and applications for Oklahoma Indian Student Honor Society, and many more.

ACT© Test Prep Workshop

9th-12th Grade

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MCN ACE partners with Chad Cargill’s Test Prep to provide 9th – 12th grade students with a practical, hands-on workshop designed to increase student’s ACT© test scores. The workshop covers general test-taking strategies as well as focused interventions for English, Math, Reading, and Science questions. At the workshop, students will receive an ACT Prep Book with notes and concepts discussed in the presentation. Workshops will typically take place prior to the national ACT© testing dates. Times and locations to be announced.

*Students will be referred to the Muscogee Nation Employment & Training Department for assistance with ACT testing fees.